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Oct. 11th, 2004

the scar you're most proud ofUmm..none of them?
your favourite condimentKetchup, I guess
if you have frecklesNope.
your preferred method of cookingOne in which someone else does it.
what shoes you're wearingBrown slip on sandals
how many children you have1
the first person you french kissedTodd McArthur when I was 14
your preferred breed of dogOne I'm not allergic to.
where you were bornLewiston, ID
what colour underwear you're wearingWhite, I think
where your keys are right nowIn my bag
if you have split endsNope...just got all my hair chopped off
when you last got laidGod...I'm not telling cuz it was THAT long ago.
your opinion on airline foodIck
what cosmetic surgery you would considerNose job, gastric bypass, getting my eyebrows lifted, chemical peel
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onhehe...merry go round
your worst maladyThe ten million times I've had strep throat
if your mum loves your dadYep
if you can sing wellHell no. *laughs* Doesn't stop me though
what your olympic event would be*laughs* I could gold medal in gossip
someone you
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map*laughs* Just about anything outside of North America
the last time you criedSometime over the weekend...happy tears, though
your most interesting sexual congress locationsexual congress? Is that supposed to be CONQUEST? Umm...broad daylight in a park, I guess
part of the Sunday papers you read firstUSA Weekend and the comics
the languages you speakEnglish and a very little bit of Spanish
the religion you were raised inEh...kind of Nazarene
if you can draw wellNope
your favourite photographOh, God...maybe my senior picture?
what you should be doing instead of thisWorking


Bad omens... Shawna asked to borrow my car today, since that asshole rearended her last week and totaled her car.

I forgot to take my office key off the ring. I realized it after we'd left Tukwila and were on our way into Seattle.

Maintenance let me into the office.

Then, I go to make coffee...and dump the old grounds all over the floor. The CARPETED floor.

I'm thinking that this is a day I should have stayed in bed and called in sick.

I've got cramps. I'm a little bitchy. And it's grey and ugly outside, even if it's not raining.

I've got 14 days to make it through until I'm on a plane to Charlotte. Can I make it that long with my sanity in tact? *looks @ Robyn and Geri* No wisecracks about the lack of sanity on my part, okay? Not in the mood. :oP

Okay. Um. I don't think I have anything else to say.

OH WAIT! Geri, I am SOOOO not a snob! I didn't get any of your IM's last night. I talked to Robyn when she IM'ed me. I was up until about 11:30 my time...and never heard from you, then I get online this morning to check email and had an offline from you. Sorry!

Jesus Fucking Christ

I'm sitting here in tears.

My mom just called. Her best friend's nephew went out drinking with his friend last night. When they got back to their apartment in Portland, the friend shot him five times in the chest, killing him.

I used to babysit this kid. What the FUCK is wrong with people?


I got the hotel booked for my vacation yesterday. *happy dance* I'm SO, SO, SO excited. Only 23 more days.

I also ordered my Jason Mraz tickets yesterday. *cheesie grin* Not very good seats, but I don't care...I'm going to see Jason Mraz!! The venue's maybe we can sneak up or something. I can't WAIT. June 11...then Prince on August 30. I'm just having a great time. And BSB should be touring this winter...YAY!!! Now, if Bon Jovi would just tour again and JC would bring his scrawny ass up here, I'd see everyone I wanna see in 2004. :-D

Jared spent the night at his dad's house last night...for the first time EVER. I can't explain how weird THAT is. The only places he's ever spent the night away from home is my parents and my friend Stephanie's.

Mar. 3rd, 2004

From the newsletter the church I've been taking Jared to puts out.

Greetings from Rev. Ken JonesCollapse )

I knew I was picking the RIGHT church to go to. :o)

Dec. 22nd, 2003

Stolen from frickslover

First Name: Nicole
Middle Name: Ann
Hair Color: Whatever color I want it to be. :oP
Hair Style: Long and curly
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'6ish
Location: Seattle, WA
Age: 30
Birthday: May 20, 1973
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Nope
Do you have a crush? Yep. :o) All celebrities. Not a snowball's chance in hell
Favourite Animal: I like all animals.
Favourite Sport: Soccer.
Favourite Color(s): Green
Favourite Friend(s) Offline: Stephanie, Lisa
Favourite Friend(s) Online: None of them. :oP They're all mean to me. LMAO. Just kidding. Love you all.
Favourite Song(s) of the Moment: Hm...I don't know that I have a favorite song. Maybe You & I Both by Jason Mraz.
Favourite Movie Quote: Hm. I don't think I have one.
Favourite Store: LMAO. I don't have one.
Favourite Feeling: The first time the doctor put Jared in my arms.
Favourite Shoe: Bleh. I need to go shoe shopping.
Favourite Scent: Clinique Happy
Do You Wear Make-Up? Sometimes.
Which is more important, personality or looks? A combination. Yes, I am shallow, thank you.
What kind of personality do you like in a girl/boy? A sense of what monogamy means.
Do you move fast or slow in a relationship? Depends on teh situation and how long it's been. LMAO
What is your idea of the perfect girl/boy? LMAO. Um. Hm. AJ's pure sex side; Drew Lachey's sweet side and physique (drool); Jonathan Knight's height (don't really want a short man); JC's eyes and cheekbones.
Would you ever ask someone out? I have
Do you prefer blondes or brunettes: Brunettes
What is the first thing you notice about someone? Eyes and teeth (I have this weird thing about teeth).
When is the last time you cried? Besides because of something on TV or something I read? Probably when I found out Joel died.
What do you want to be when you grow up? I am grown up, and I'm NOT really doing what I wanted to. lol. Yeah. I work in a law office.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Yep. Tigger!
Do you want children? I have one. Anyone want him? :oD
How far have you gotten? How far have I gotten? Well, I have a kid...I think that explains that. :oP I don't think I was a candidate for immaculate conception.
Do you like someone right now? I hate everyone. :oP No, I don't "like" anyone in real life right now. In fact, men in real life irritate the hell out of me most of the time.
Do they know? :oP
Do you have a best friend? *shrug* Yeah
Who's is your best friend? **points above to the real life friends one** And then again, there's Geri and Robyn online.
Had a serious talk? Me? Be serious? Never. :oP
Hugged someone? Yep
Gotten along well with your parents? Occassionally
Fought with a friend? Mmhmm
Give cuddles? Other than my kid? Not recently. I'm not a very cuddley person.
Give back rubs? mmhmm
Take walks in the rain? I live in Washington STate. I don't have much of a choice in the matter. :oP
You ever have that falling dream? Mmhmm. Those are alwoasy the ones that jerk me out of sleep.
What is on the walls of your room? Bon Jovi "Bounce" tour poster; A "Love Does Not..." tapestry.
When you chew gum, what kind? I usually don't chew gum.
Do you use chapstick? Not chapstick...I use Carmex.
Drink? Yep.
Drugs? Nope
Go to the movies? Once in awhile
Go to the mall? BLEH. Evil...evil...evil...
Eaten an entire box of Oreos? LMAO. No.
Eaten sushi? Ick.
Been on stage? Yep.
Been dumped? Nope. I'm always the dumper...:oD Never the dumpee.
Had someone be unfaithful to you? Mmhmm. Men suck.
Watched The Smurfs? LMAO. God, yes.
Hiked a mountain? Nope. should, since I live where I live.
Made homemade cookies? Yep.
Been in love? Thought I was...
Are you popular? Nope.
Do you have your own phone line? I'd better, for what I pay for it. :oP
What is your favorite word to say? Do I have a favorite word to say? I don't think so.
What is your favorite phrase to say? **Points to answer above**
What are you doing right now? Procrastinating.
What song are you listening to? Unwell by Matchbox 20
What are you wearing? Jeans, green blouse, tennis shoes, watch.
Cold or hot? Cold
Lace or satin? Satin
Blue or Red? Blue
New or old? New
Rain or snow? Snow
Give or receive? Both
Wool or cotton? Cotton
Rose or Daisy? Daisy (not a big rose fan)
Private school or public school? Me? Public. Preference? Private.
Chocolate milk or plain milk? Plain. Store bought chocolate milk is NASTY.
Celsius or Fahrenheit? Fahrenheit
Spring or Fall? Spring
Inny or outty? Inny
Now or then? Then
English or Math? English
Bath or shower? Bath
Bedtime phrase? Night
Cursive or print? LOL. Kind of a mixture.
Do you like surprises? Depends on teh surprise
Paranoid or Cautious? Cautious
Half-full or half-empty? Depends on teh situation and my mood.
Top or bottom? Depends on teh situation and my mood. ;o)
Do you/Would you dye your hair? Mmhmm.
Speeding or running red lights? Speeding
Gold or silver? Silver
Bad habits? nail biting
Piercings? Just my ears.
"Maybe" or "Mebbe?" Maybe
What do you wish you'd done? Oh, too many to list
Do you have one of THOSE voices? Huh?
Neurotic or psychotic? LMAO. Neither
Do you talk to yourself? Yeah...gotta talk to someone intelligent sometime.

Dec. 17th, 2003

Tell these people you support equal rights:

Wow. I used to be like these people:

From (I'd give a link, except that you have to sign up to see the MB, and they aren't responding to requests for membership anymore for some reason)

Backstreet Boys fans!
Just wanted to let you know BSB will be on Oprah today ( check local listings ) and they will also appear on the red carpet at the Billboard awards tonight!

Howie spoke with JoJo on KissFm and he said they are also working with "Johnny Wright" again!

10-Dec-03 10:34

Have you heard the rude comments the BSB have made about NKOTB? I've heard numerous occassions where they have dissed NKOTB. Not sure how anyone on this site could be their fan. Not trying to start anything, but the BSB just annoy me.
10-Dec-03 11:10
Updated on : 10-Dec-03 11:11
Read more...Collapse )

Big time turn around for me, baby.

Dec. 11th, 2003

I'm still just so excited because Jordan's coming up here. God, I am SUCH a teenybopper. LMAO.

I've got to find some way for Jared to meet him. Jared's going to be REALLY mad at me if I meet him again and he doesn't. The concerts aren't all ages, so I can't take him to the concert...but I need to come in at least for a couple hours on the 13th to do checks, so maybe bring Jared with me and try to hunt down Jordan after work so Jared can meet him. Jared could miss ONE day of school. We'll see....I need to do something, though, because Jared would be so disappointed.

Nov. 28th, 2003

I need to write this chapter of Hidden Agendas. And I know both Geri and Robyn are going to bitch about the end of chapter 15 of CYSTR I just posted...but they *should* know who was in the accident. I'm being mean...but if she can act like a 12 year old, I can kill her off of the story, right? And stick one of those "heady" topics she hates in there at the same time? I'm so bad!!! lol.

I'm bored. I've had such a lazy day. I need to go clean the kitchen. And I should clean my bedroom this weekend. I doubt if I will though. lmao.

Nothing much going on...I just feel bad if I don't update this stupid thing every day. :o)

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